S-Day is a fine fragrance specialist company that designs & creates the fragrance that strikes an emotional chord with Asian consumers.

Our perfumes are inspired by the rich cultural & heritage of Asia. We understand the diversity of lifestyle, climate condition in Asia, thus all our creations are a masterpiece. We offer a range of perfume specially designed to create unique blends of individuality, emotional touch with impressions, re-defining fashion, and the evolution of trends.

S-Day always strives to go beyond consumer expectation by delivering quality perfumes. Our perfumes are aged according to industry standards. During the aging process, the perfume is kept undisturbed in a cool & dark area for several months to 1 year. Quality perfume contains 3 distinctive notes: Top, Middle & Base.

Top Notes

15 minutes

This is the first impression of the perfume. These notes are volatile & can disappear within 15min – 20 min.

Middle Notes

30 minutes

These notes develop as the perfume begins to blend it into your skin.

Base Notes

6-8 hours

These notes typically appear after the top notes disappear. It is used to boost the top & middle note and it could last up to 6-8 hours.

In addition, the atomizer perfume offered by S-Day comes with 120 sprays, and this is sufficient to apply twice daily for 30 days. S-day perfumes take you through the daily vibe, explore endless possibilities & live your moments !